About BruKat

The power of story can change the world.  It is how we frame our existance, with our own personal stories, the stories of our communities, and the fictional stories we read and write to reflect the world we live in.   BruKat Publishing strives to bring quality stories, by emerging and established authors and artists, to the greater global community.

We have brought the world works in all genres–awarding winning poets, non-fiction writers, science fiction, romance, thrillers and fantasy.  The art of storytelling cuts through time and place.  Through cutting edge techniques and technologies, we bring the the global public these quality stories.  It is through story that the world is changed.

BruKat Publishing endeavors to bring the global public literature of the highest quality by writers from all over the world.  With the digital revolution, the world of publishing is constantly changing.  We work with our writers and artists to make the publishing process as easy and understandable as possible.  We want our writers to be able to write their stories so that we can bring them to larger community.

William Shakespeare, considered the greatest writer of the English language, said “O, let my books be the eloquence and dumb presages of my speaking breast.”  He knew the power of story and wielded “The pen is mightier than the sword.”  He speaks of the books that he wrote as the stories that his heart was eager to tell, either of good fortune or bad.  He was a commentator of his times, and we aspire to be the same with the authors and artists we collaborate with at our publishing house.

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