file000643944419There are times when writing comes easy–easy peasy.  Then there are time when it like pulling out my eyelashes one by one with pair of tweezers that don’t hold the hair follicle very tightly.

It is called “Writer’s Block”.

Writer’s block isn’t a real thing, per se, it is rather just the lack of the genius speaking in one’s ear.  However, when that little voice isn’t there, whispering the words into your brain, it makes hitting the keys much less palatable.  But as a writer, you have to hit the keys anyway.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by my many projects, and think I need to scale down, that would help with my genius speaking to me again.  But in reality, it is simply one of those ordinary times when one’s mind isn’t as obviously active.  This is when the workhorse mode comes in, always waiting in the wings for when the inspiration fairy has flown the coop.

So into workhorse mode I go, attempting to entice the inspiration fairy back onto my shoulder.  I usually take a walk around the neighborhood with my dog, Sweetie Belle, make myself a cup of tea, (with two sugars and milk, please), find a pleasant area in the house or yard, and start pounding the keys, as Bradbury used to say.

What do you do to fight the dreaded Writer’s Block?