Goal Update #1

You’ll have to put with 11 of these a year, if you decide to read them. I apologize in advance for forcing you to have to wade through my ‘whether I’m on track’ posts or not. I am doing them for an entirely selfish reason—to keep myself accountable for that post I made way back at the beginning of the year. Oh, that was only a month ago? Well, poop.

1. Publish 10 titles–While this is, technically, still 0, it is in the works. I have two flash fiction pieces coming out in an anthology titled, Mischief and Clovers. As soon as it’s for sale, I’ll direct you to the buyer of your choice.

2. Attend 4 author events—This is 0 also, but I have two planned. That makes two more to wiggle my way into.

3. Teach a writing intensive on a cruise ship—in the planning stages, but it looks like June (maybe July) is going to be the month that it happens.

4. Blog once a week—Look back, I did it!

5. Read 25 books and write reviews of them—1 down. 24 to go. (check out my goodreads account to see what it was)

6. Have one grand adventure—Not yet, but it will happen!

7. Make one new positive friend—Done!!! And so early in the year!!! I love meeting awesome people!!

How are you doing with your goals?

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