The Devil’s in the Details

Every job has tasks in it that we don’t like to do. Even those jobs we love. I’m a part of the ‘we’ and while I love the creative aspects of writing and storytelling, there a whole bunch of stuff in the authoring business I don’t like.

Like administrative work.

Someone once told me that they were impressed with my detailed oriented personality and that I must be a terribly organized person. Now, while this was a HUGE compliment, as it came from someone who was, herself, highly detailed oriented, it was not an accurate descriptor of my personality. Because I am not a detailed oriented person, but rather the type that easily, and happily I might add, sees the big picture, I do not like doing detailed oriented tasks.

Like administrative work.

But, authoring isn’t just about the writing (despite what most people think). There is an entire business that has to be run, from website design (as you can see, not my forte), to marketing copy, to phone calls for events, to bills being paid for various items related to publishing. It’s all rather detailed, and I’d rather not deal with the details.

However, the angel of administrative work has not yet come down from Heaven to kiss my brow, so I am still slogging through the awful details that predate and postdate the creative process.

What part of your job do you like the best? (For me—writing!). The least? (…did I mention administrative work? No, well, administrative work).

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