The New Year Shine–Where Did It Go?

The hurry and rush of new year is beginning to lose it’s shine, isn’t it? I’ve been a bad author, and haven’t written anywhere near as much as I would have liked to by now, and it is entirely my own fault. I’m very good at procrastinating at whatever it is that needs to be done. A book needs editing so it can go to print? Procrastinate by writing it’s sequel before the first one is out! Need to write a title to make your benchmark for the year? Look at all the editing and publishing tasks you have to do—do them instead.

I’m putting myself out there, saying I haven’t written a word of Children of the Phoenix Book 2: Rising, yet this year. I’ve written, both on Darkwood Feathers with MK Tanner and Rook, Knight, Queen, Player: Stalemate with Gabrielle Finch. In fact, Stalemate’s first draft is finished, and now were onto the true editing phase. But I haven’t worked on many of my solo projects, which all tend to be long and laborious, which is probably caused by all the procrastinating to be done.

To combat this, I’ve made myself the little goal of writing one POV chapter a week. This second book begin’s with Ilya, who is always a bother to get started with. However, once he opens up, I know he’ll tell me all his secrets. It’s just getting him to whisper them into my inner ear that’s the problem. 😉

What are you procrastinating about? Have you made any little goals to get there?

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