We’re sorry, we are not accepting admissions at this time.



We are interested in unpublished or previously published writers in the following categories

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mysteries
  • Historic novels
  • Modern Romance

If you have been published by a Vanity Press or any other press, but they have no claim on the e-book publishing of your work(s) or on further works by you, you are OK for possible submission as well.  In this case, we will require a copy of the Vanity Press contract or your original contract you signed in order to be sure.

The process is as follows:

  • You submit your manuscript in accordance with the following guidelines to
  • We will review your manuscript and determine if it fits within our content guidelines.
  • Do not be concerned if you do not immediately hear from us.  We are quite busy with manuscripts, but have no fear, you will hear from us in a reasonable period of time.

Manuscript Format Guidelines:

  • The manuscript must be in .doc format, and submitted as a separate attachment to an email sent to Brukat Publishing.
  • Use a single, clear font, 12 point size.  The best to use is Courier or Courier New. At the very least, ensure you use a 12 point, serif font and something like Arial.
  • Use a clear, black text on a white background.
  • Include your name and contact information at the top left of the first page.  Put an accurate word count at the top right.  Put the title half-way down the page, centered, with “by your Name” underneath.  Start the story beneath that.
  • Don’t number your pages.  The numbered page count will show up on the right in the Word format.
  • If you write under a pseudonym, put that beneath the title, but your real name in the top left of the first page.  We will not conclude contracts with a pseudonym.
  • Left justify your paragraphs, with a blank line between each paragraph.  Right margins should be ‘ragged.’
  • Ensure there is at least a one inch margin all the way around your text.  This is to allow annotation to be written onto a printed copy.
  • Use double spacing for all your text.
  • Start each new chapter on its own page, one-third of the way down the page.  The chapter number and chapter title (if applicable) should be in all caps and centered.
  • If you want to indicate a change of scenes within a chapter or episode, use an indicator, such as ***,  between the paragraphs.
  • Put the word “End” after your text, centered on its own line.